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Thousands of users obtain information daily through our screens and displays with the latest LED technology. Industries, airports, train stations, metro, buses…


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Our wide range of products offers different solutions of numeric and alphanumeric LED displays with various size configurations, characters, and lines, as well as multiple options for communication modules.

Tell us about your project, and we will provide you with the best solution.


LED display

LED display for indoor or outdoor use, with character heights ranging from 60 mm to 210 mm, available in single-color or RGB LED options.

Multiline LED display

LED display with multiple lines for indoor or outdoor use, available in single-color or RGB LED options.

LED graphics display

LED display with a greater amount of text or graphics for indoor or outdoor use, available in single-color or RGB LED options.

LED clocks

Calendar clocks with stopwatch, with digit height ranging from 80 mm to 1200 mm, available in single-color or RGB LED options.

LED gas stations

Markers for monoliths or canopies and wall prices for service stations, ranging from 110 mm to 1200 mm.

LED markers

Numeric markers for security panels or information in industrial sectors.

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More than 10,000 screens providing information right now.

Since we started our activity in 1985, we have been alongside small, medium, and large companies in the continuous evolution of our products.

100% Made in Spain

All the products we sell are developed and manufactured in our factory in Palamós (Girona). One of the key factors that sets us apart from others is the complete control we have over the hardware, software, and all production processes.

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Made in Spain


In a globalized market with a competitor like the Asian giant, our differentiation is product specialization. If you can't find your product online, we are your company.


– Enric Morillas Vallés, CEO

Latest news

At MP Electronics, we are constantly working on new projects to meet all kinds of needs. Below you can see some of our latest projects.

Communication improvements

March 2023

New features related to the Modbus RTU communication protocol. Please refer to our Modbus protocol manual to learn about all the updates!

Parking spaces

February 2023

The Manises City Council has a new parking space signage system. Congratulations on reducing pollution by avoiding unnecessary travels! Model MNS15.2.4AF. 150 mm digits.

New WebServer

December 2022

A new webserver has been integrated into the LED panels with TCP/IP communication module. You will be able to perform certain functions, such as running a saved program on the panel, right from your own web browser!

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