LED Displays

The power of information

Our LED displays will allow you to inform a large audience instantly and dynamically. Easily integrate them into your system and optimize response times in your production chain, direct vehicles in your city, alert of dangers, and more.

LED Display

LED displays with one, two, or four lines, the best option for concise and effective information display. Available in different sizes and LED technologies for indoor or outdoor use.

Furthermore, our modular system will allow you to choose from various communication channels and peripherals.

Key features

Up to 4 lines

Visibility up 100 m

IP54 Waterproof Rating

Compact dimensions

LEDs for indoor or outdoor use

Web server

Multiline LED displays

When information is organized, efficiency increases, errors are reduced, and decision-making improves. Our multiline LED displays will allow you to achieve all this and more!

All our products are manufactured using aluminum profiles to obtain a lightweight, sturdy, and easily accessible equipment.


Key features

Up to 5 lines

Multiple character heights

IP54 Waterproof Rating

Luminosity sensor

Free software

Multiple protocols

LED Graphics displays

Showing as much information as possible will allow you to share and communicate it better to others, fostering collaboration and teamwork. Don’t just display text or digits, make use of the wide range of graphics to convey information without even having to read it.

Key features

Multiple definitions

Long viewing distance

IP54 Waterproof Rating

Forced ventilation

Variable fields

Graphic editing

LED Clocks

Set time limits for your tasks, synchronize different production departments by indicating the remaining time of a process, or activate an audible alarm at the start and end times of your factory shifts with the help of our LED clock-timers.

Key features

Multiple digit heights

High-brightness LEDs

IP54 waterproof rating



Temperature sensor

LED Markers

If you only need to display information, the simplest and most cost-effective way is with our range of marker products. Days without accidents, number of pieces produced, available parking spaces, etc. The RGB LED technology present in all our product lines allows you to use multiple colors to represent different states, such as green for good and red for bad, for example

Key features

Multiple digit heights

Alphanumeric characters

IP54 waterproof rating

Various types of LEDs


Color thresholds

LED gas stations


A very useful tool of service stations to clearly and accurately display fuel prices, even at long distances.

In addition, all our devices incorporate a brightness sensor that allows them to adjust their brightness level for both bright and dark conditions, ensuring that they never dazzle or bother the user.


Key features

Multiple digit heights

Visibility up to 200 m

IP54 waterproof rating

LED for outdoor use

Forced ventilation

Integrated in various protocols

Customized products

Specific solutions for your needs. Our company designs and manufactures all of our products in-house, allowing us to offer you a customized product designed to your specifications. This gives us complete control over both the appearance and functionality of the product. That’s the advantage of being manufacturers!

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