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MP Electronics is a family-owned industrial company. Since the beginning of our operations, our main goal has been to control all manufacturing processes using our own resources and machinery within our facilities. Thanks to this drive, we are able to offer products that are entirely manufactured by MP Electronics.

Furthermore, our infrastructure allows us the flexibility to produce both large and small series, as well as standard and custom-made products.

Our history

Our activity began in 1983 with José Morillas and J.M.P. in a small 16 m² workshop. The company’s initial products were flashing lights for illuminated signs. In 1986, we manufactured our first large-sized screen using LED technology.

The first major breakthrough came in 1992 with the supply of indicators for the M30 road in Madrid. Subsequently, MP Electronics continued to secure significant projects, including Metro Madrid, ADIF stations at Atocha, Sants, and Chamartín, small displays for queue management in the entire Spanish social security system, as well as numerous smaller operations.

In early 2008, José Morillas and J.M.P. went their separate ways, and the management of MP Electronics was taken over by an international investment group, which ultimately closed the company in 2010.

Driven as always, José Morillas decided to revive the MP Electronics project with his family in 2013. He acquired the brand and technology and recreated MP Electronics with new management, new goals, but the same philosophy of doing things well.


Cada departamento realiza su función con el máximo cuidado en todos los detalles y con los estándares de exigencia más elevado.

Almacén, administración y comercial completarían los diferentes departamentos de nuestra empresa.


We have a comprehensive sheet metal department equipped with a machining center, folding machine, aluminum punching machine, cutting machine, aluminum and iron welding stations, electrostatic painting center with oven, and liquid painting center.

In addition, we have more than 22 types of proprietary aluminum profiles.


We have SMD component insertion machinery, including two Pick & Place machines, a paste dispenser, a reflow oven, and wave soldering for Through-Hole components.

Within this department, we also have the commissioning area where all verification tests are carried out on LED boards, controls, and communication modules.


Department where all the assembly processes of the different components of the panel are carried out, such as electronic wiring, assembly of mechanical elements, product sealing processes, as well as various tests that are performed on the finished products to ensure their maximum quality.


Comprehensive engineering department where all products are developed. This department is responsible for creating electronic schematics, PCB designs, control firmware, high-level software, mechanical drawings, and generating all the necessary information for the final product.

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